Australian Chapter of The International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

IARPP Australia Listserv

IARPP Australia Members’ Listserv

When you join IARPP Australia we will send you an invitation to join the Google Groups listserv.

The Listserv enables members to share information and issues of professional concern such as:

  • Books, articles and news items relevant to our Psychoanalytic collective

  • Announcements regarding Psychoanalytic meetings, conferences and seminars

  • Requests for peer consultation from other Listserv members

  • Referral requests*


Notes on using the Members’ Listserv

When you reply directly to a listserv posting, your reply will be sent to ALL members.
Personal replies to any post should be sent only to the person making the announcement.

Please do not post:

  • Announcements concerning private practice topics, office space for rent, personal seminars, courses or study groups, whether in person or online, unless study groups are free of charge.

  • Announcements of events where dates conflict with the IARPP seminar dates.

  • Communications that may appear to support or oppose a candidate for public office.

  • We request that members limit their total number of posts to 3 per month.

*Format for referral requests

Please format referral requests as follows:

  • Subject line: “Referral requested (list city/region)”

  • Body of text: Describe client/patient descriptor briefly with appropriate consideration for confidentiality.

  • Signature: When signing your post, please include your email with request for responder to contact you, the poster, directly.


How to post to the Members’ Listserv

a) To send a message, type or paste in the “to” field of your email.

b) Fill in the subject and email content. When you are ready to send, click the send button. Your email will go to the entire Listserv membership.

c) All posts on the Listserv can be seen by going to

Here you can read posts and reply either to the whole group or the individual sender of the post.

d) To unsubscribe to the IARPP Australia Group: Send a blank email to with “REMOVE” in the subject header

IARPP Australia Members’ Listserv Disclaimer:

The IARPP Australia sponsors this forum. It is a private forum for the use of IARPP Australia members and may be used only with IARPP Australia permission in accordance with the terms set forth below. By use of this list, participants agree:

  • Information obtained through the list is not to be construed as professional advice, legal or otherwise, from IARPP Australia. Information obtained through this list does not necessarily represent the views, position, endorsement or policy of the IARPP Australia.

  • No part of this Listserv may be reproduced, used for mailing list preparation or promotional mailings, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means (electronic, mechanical photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without prior written permission of IARPP Australia.

  • The forum will not be used for improper, offensive, or illegal purposes or in a manner that violates each member’s professional code of ethics.

  • To indemnify, defend, and hold harmless IARPP Australia and its directors, officers, members, employees and agents against all loss, expense, damage, including attorney fees and related costs, litigation and threatened litigation arising out of or related to the participant’s use of the forum.

  • Improper conduct on IARPP Australia’s Listserv may result in disciplinary measures including loss of access to the forum and an action to terminate said participant’s IARPP Audtralia membership.