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The International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy is a community committed to developing relational perspectives in psychoanalysis.

A Sydney based group of psychotherapists brought relational psychoanalysis to Australia in 2006. Under the successive leadership of Mary Bayles, Cathy Hicks and Marianne Kennedy, a team of volunteers began the process of challenging the prevailing and limiting views about what constitutes psychoanalytic theory and practice. The Sydney Chapter of IARPP grew rapidly after its first event in 2007 as it discovered a wide audience of professionals who were eager to explore fresh and evolving approaches to psychoanalytic psychotherapy. New ways of thinking about and helping patients and clients were discovered through activities such as relational reading groups and presentations by both local and internationally acclaimed relational psychoanalysts.


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Under the leadership of Roberto D'Angelo, the Sydney Chapter of IARPP became the Australian Chapter in 2017. The very successful 14th Annual Conference of IARPP was hosted in Sydney that same year, convened by Cathy Hicks (Aus) and Sarah Calvert (NZ). IARPP Australia continues to grow as a network of relationally oriented psychotherapists. We now have nodal groups in both Sydney and Melbourne, and we attract psychotherapists to our training events across the country and internationally. IARPP Australia is now the second largest IARPP Chapter in the world, second only to the USA. Australia is well represented on the international board of IARPP with Roberto D'Angelo and Cathy Hicks as current members.

IARPP Australia - Our Aim

Our aims are to continue to meet the interests of relationally oriented or interested psychotherapists by offering more and varied training events into the future. We have recently introduced Community Conversations and reading groups in Melbourne and we will continue to present a cast of international and local experts both in-person and in online formats. We look forward to seeing IARPP Australia grow over the coming years and hope you will continue to find the range of events to be stimulating, enjoyable, and helpful in your work with clients and patients.

IARPP Australia 2024 Seminar Series

Power, Privilege and Group Identifications in the Consulting Room


The Australian Chapter of IARPP International will continue our exploration of Relational theories and practice, and will be of interest to both beginning and more experienced clinicians. We welcome our regular attendees and registrants new to our education Seminar Series.



The International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (IARPP) was founded in 2001 as a community of psychotherapists who are committed to developing relational perspectives in psychoanalysis.

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